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The Team

The girls met in their first week at Reading University, at hockey club initiations. They lived together at University and have remained best friends ever since. They’ve played hockey together, run marathons and competed in triathlons...but this challenge will certainly be the biggest they have done, and will test their friendship with up to 90 days at sea together.

Lauren, originally from Birmingham, addicted to anything outdoors and energetic. Mountain and Ultra runner, Ironman finisher, Personal trainer get the picture, she's challenge mad! Whilst at University, she gained temporary commission with the RAF, and after a stint living in Chamonix post-graduation, she’s worked in the extreme sports events industry ever since. Having previously worked on Super Yacht's, she’s no stranger to the ocean, but their 22ft Concept Rowing Boat might not be quite up to the luxury standard she was previously used to.

Jemma, originally from Colchester, is from the countryside and a farming background and now works in the fruit and veg industry. Although always the last to admit it, she broke her back whilst at University as the result of a skiing accident. Since then, she’s got back to playing high-level hockey, completed a half Ironman and raced several marathons. After somehow managing to convince Lauren that rowing across the Atlantic Ocean was the logical next step for them, she’s driving the campaign forward with her endless excitement and enthusiasm to raise money for their chosen charities.

Lauren Woodwiss


Location: Stratford Upon Avon

Why are you doing the race? Essentially through jealousy, once Jemma suggested it to me I couldn't say no to to an opportunity of this scale. I've always loved a challenge and I'm intrigued to test my mental and physical  capabilities to the limit.

Why choose Jemma as your rowing partner?

For her sheer resilience in tough situation and because I know she will always be making us laugh on the tough days.

What scares you most about this challenge?

I'd be lying if I didn't say sharks. So the thought of getting in the water to clean the boat does not sit well with me.


Jemma Rix


Location: Chelmsford

Why are you doing the race? Why not? Ultimately to raise money for our 3 charities and to have one hell of an  adventure. If I learn something along the way and don't fall out with Lauren, that would be a bonus!

Why choose Lauren as your rowing partner?

Lauren is simply the fittest and most driven person I know. If I'm crossing with anyone, its her!

What scares you most about this challenge?

Easy, Sunburn! Closely followed by rowing in the dark.


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