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It’s impossible to have a conversation about ocean rowing without mentioning food! With the amount consumed whilst at sea, it’s a hot topic of conversation for all ocean rowers.
Food waste is a huge issue globally and an issue that we are both very aware of. We're passionate about raising awareness of food waste and keen to promote the ways in which every one of us can make a difference to the issue, simply by making small everyday changes. This is why supporting FareShare was an obvious choice for us.  

"FareShare is a UK wide charity fighting hunger and food waste. We redistribute good food that would otherwise go to waste to frontline charities and community groups that support vulnerable people. By ensuring good food is not wasted we turn an environmental problem into a social solution.  

For more than 24 years FareShare has been working with the food industry to identify quality, in date surplus food that can be redistributed to charities. FareShare reaches over 1,500 towns and cities, providing food for 36.7 million meals a year and supporting 772,390 people every week. 

The 9,653 charities that receive food through FareShare provide a lifeline to vulnerable people, including homeless hostels, children’s breakfast clubs and lunch clubs for older people. By receiving food through FareShare, these organisations are better able to provide nutritious meals alongside life changing support."

Mintridge Foundation


Established by an inspirational friend of ours, the Mintridge Foundation provides a support network for young people by harnessing the power of positive sporting role models.

With sport playing such a massive part in both of our lives, we're proud to be able to support the vitally important work that the Mintridge Foundation is doing to support the mental and physical health of young people in the UK.

"The Mintridge Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to enhancing life skills in young people through sport. We provide a support network for young people by harnessing the power of positive sporting role models. The Mintridge Foundation assists young people of all ages, abilities and physical capabilities to develop confidence and resilience, and creates awareness of the importance of mental and physical wellbeing through sport".

Cancer Research UK

We believe Cancer Research UK needs no real introduction. The devastating effects of cancer are felt worldwide, in every family, and in every community. To beat it, we need to work together, and this is why we've chosen to support the vitally important work of Cancer Research UK.

"Cancer Research UK pioneers life-saving research to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. They are the world’s leading cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research and are the only charity who carries out research into all 200 different types of cancer. Their groundbreaking work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer has seen survival rates double in the last 40 years. Their scientists and doctors have contributed to most of the world’s top cancer drugs and have pioneered the use of radiotherapy to treat cancer.

Their research to beat cancer is entirely funded by the public. And thanks to public generosity their scientists, doctors and nurses are leading the world in discovering new ways to fight cancer. Research saves lives and their work is critical to ensuring more people beat this devastating disease.

Sooner or later we will cure all cancers. Let’s make it sooner. For more information about Cancer Research UK please visit". 







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