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Whale of a Time Raffle

We have scanned the country for oar-some prizes and we hope you'll agree some of them are pretty mega! We will continue to add new prizes throughout the year and draw the raffle just before we head off on our row in December.

100% of our raffle profit will go to our Charity, Cancer Research.

You can either get a raffle ticket directly from the girls or click on the below button and you're number will be allocated and emailed to you! Ticket price: £10 each.




1x Oar

Fancy an Oar that has been across the Atlantic? We promise to wash aand clean our blood, sweat and tears of it.

Meal for 2 @ The Crown in Nayland

The wonderful Crown Inn @ Stoke by Nayland have donated a meal for 2. Including 1 bottle of wine.

Fancy indulging? They also have a hotel next door!

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