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On December 12th 2018, team Whale of a Time will be embarking on a 3000 mile unassisted rowing race across the Atlantic Ocean as part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

It is the ultimate test of mental and physical endurance, rowing the Atlantic Ocean East to West, from La Gomera to Antigua. The race is estimated to last anywhere from 50 to 90 days and the girls will face searing equatorial heat, ocean storms and 40 foot waves, as well as their own personal battles against extreme fatigue and hallucinations, and whatever else Mother Nature throws at them!

All their food, provisions and equipment will be stored with them on the boat and they will not be able to accept any assistance once the race has started. They’ll be burning over 7000 calories each per day, and are expected to lose between 10 and 15kg in body-weight over the course of the crossing.

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